Bathmate Hydromax Review, Real Benefits and RESULTS

Many modern men believe that the size of their penis is not large enough to satisfy their sexual partner.

Against this background, various complexes and problems may arise in the bedroom. We have a perfect solution for you called Hydromax. It will solve your problems once and forever. Read this article to learn more.

Bathmate Hydromax quick facts:

Rank: #1 hydro pump
Success rate: 92%
Customers:1 250 000

Benefits: erection improvement, stamina enhancement
Manufacturer: DX Products Ltd (Made in UK)
Shipping: FREE (worldwide)
Hydromax3 (up to 3″) – $129,
Hydromax5 (3-5″) – $139,
Hydromax7 (5-7″) – $159,
WideBoy (6.5 girth”) – $179,
Hydromax9 (7-9″) – $199
Official site:

Reliable and complete information about the Hydromax pump can be found on many Internet resources. Typically, this consists of a variety of blogs for men, related forums, and the official website of the manufacturer.

Bathmate Hydromax reviews can quite often be found on medical sites devoted to men’s health like webmd.

Why Choose Bathmate Hydromax?

In the modern market, there are a vast number of methods aimed at promoting erection improvement.

The use of an individual water pump is among the most common methods. In turn, among the extensive range of hydro pumps, the most popular is the Hydromax.

Let’s look at the main qualities that distinguish this pump from the mass of similar devices, in this Bathmate review.

Bathmate Technology

The Bathmate Hydromax water pump uses innovative technology, which allows for better results to be achieved, in a minimum amount of time.

Quick Note
The new symphonic Bathmate Hydromax(3,5,7,9) pump and valve provide up to 35% more power, which is necessary to achieve positive erection enhancement results.

Thanks to the technologies used, the consumer will experience a high level of comfort and safety. Click here to choose your pump size.

To date, all the Bathmate range pumps(Original Hydro7 Pump, Hydromax series,  HydroXtreme series) are different in their parameters and colors.

Before you buy a hydro pump, you must take the measurements of your genitals, which are used as the basis for choosing the right device for you.

Choose Your Pump

ModelPenis Size (inches)Price rangePenis growth
Hydro 75-7$1101 - 2 inches
Hydromax (3, 5,7,9)3 - 9$129-1991 - 3 inches
Hydromax 7 Wide Boy5-7 girth$179-$3991 - 3 inches
HydroXtreme3-11$249 -$3991 - 3.5 inches
Hydro Xtreme 7 Wide Boy5-7 girth$3291 - 3.5 inches

Where to Buy?

If you want to buy the original Bathmate pump at an affordable price from the manufacturer, then do not look for the device on useless blogs.

There is only one official Bathmate store you can trust The Hydromax price range is $129-$199

After all, only an official manufacturer can guarantee the high quality, safety, and efficiency of this pump to the consumer.

Did You Know?
Promotional and discount offers are regularly placed on the official website of the manufacturer, which helps keep the customer’s budget down.

The manufacturer’s helpful support service is always ready to answer any client questions and help with choosing the most appropriate model (up to 3″, 5″, 5-7″, 7-9″) of the Bathmate Pump.

By choosing the pump on the official website, the customer protects his rights.

Customer Reviews

At various related forums, you can find a massive amount of information about the operation, efficiency, and safety of the Bathmate Hydromax hydro pump.

 Many users argue that after using the Hydromax pump, their sex life has changed for the better.

Their erection has become more dominant and robust, which positively affects the quality of sex, as well as its duration.

Men become more hard, vigorous, and more active in sex. .

Particular attention is paid to the effects of erection enhancement by using the Bathmate pump.

All of the above points have contributed to them having more satisfying and unforgettable orgasms, which can then be achieved not only by the men but also by women with them.

How to Use the Penis Pump (Routine)

Hydromax is an easy-to-use device that helps to achieve the best results.

The safety of the pump is ensured by the additional use of water, which softens the aggressive pressure and minimizes the risk of injury to the flesh.

You can use the Bathmate pump both in the shower and in the bathtub. The primary requirement is the presence of water, which contributes to greater elasticity and flexibility of the flesh.

Thus, the penis becomes more pliable to stretch the cavernous tissues. You can learn here how to use the penis pump step by step.

Safety, Materials, Certificates


The safety and effectiveness of the Bathmate pump is confirmed by quality certificates.

The pump is made of high-quality and durable medical plastic that is non-toxic and therefore cannot cause allergic reactions or irritations on the dermis of the penis.

More detailed information about the accompanying documentation for the pump can be found on the official manufacturer’s website.

Over the life of the Bathmate, thousands of men around the world have succeeded in getting rid of common complexes and sexual problems.


James Carlton

James Carlton(journalist and a medical blogger)