Best Non Prescription Over the Counter ED Pills: Actual Ratings/Benefits

With the onset of the crisis associated with coronavirus and home quarantine, men, even more, began to feel the need to improve their erection and male sexual strength due to the fact that they are now at home with their wife or girlfriend and have more sex.

According to general statistics, only in the USA, because of coronavirus quarantine, millions of people locked themselves at home. Pharmacies are talking about a 30% increase in demand for condoms, people have more sex at home.

Agree, when you have a weak sexual desire, weakened potency, and sexual stamina, it is difficult to even think about sex, not to mention having to do it more often.

But for this, everything is at your disposal – your girlfriend is always there. And it is women who more often begin to talk about sex at a time when you are at home much more.

What happened before? You went to work in the morning and came back in the evening, you got tired, but you did not see your spouse/girlfriend all day, you had time to get bored and sexually.

According to statistics obtained after a survey of married couples in the USA, their intimacy and sex life are largely successful due to the fact that they manage to take a break from each other.

During quarantine, you can enjoy rampant sex at least 7 times a week. But can you do it? How strong is your erection today, how easily you get excited, do you have a sexual appetite for your partner? Answering these questions, many men will say.

  • Being at home with my wife I often hear from her an offer to have sex in the evening, but I see her in-home clothes all day, not made up, and my sexual attraction today is devastated
  • I really want to have sex more often, but my erection is rather weak and I need a lot of time to get the most eroded penis.
  • My wife and I began to have sex more often, but we did not get more pleasure, neither she nor I, the short sexual intercourse was to blame. No matter how much I get aroused, the power of an erection decreases after 10-15 minutes.
  • For me, sex is just stress when I’m shy about the size of my penis, premature ejaculation, and a short intercourse

All these answers are typical for men who are married or have been living with their soulmate for at least a few years.

Agree, it would be good to use time during coronavirus quarantine to engage in rampant sex for hours and every day, because the source of pleasure is just next to you, all the time. You can have sex when your kids sleep when you turn on your favorite movie in the evening. All night before you. Remember, when you were 20-30 years old, you could not even dream of such a situation.

How can you improve your sexual health and when is it better to do it? Right now! A truly strong erection and male libido manifested after reception of ed(erectile dysfunction) pills like VigRx Plus, ExtenZe, Prosolution Pills, Male Extra, Max Performer.

But you need to take them for at least a month, in addition, it is very desirable that at the time of taking these over the counter ED pills you:

  • We started to stick to a healthy diet. Now it’s not difficult – you can order a special diet at home and eat exclusively healthy foods while correcting your sexual health and immunity
  • You can begin to learn the techniques of Jelqing and Kegels, which are enough to apply only 10-15 minutes a day. You can do it in the bathroom. By studying these techniques, you can significantly improve your erection and even increase your penis in length and width
  • I highly recommend you buy a Bathmate or Penomet Penis Enlargement Water Pump. Taking a shower, you can use it for 15 minutes to increase your erection and even increase your penis by 1-3 sizes. Previously, you did not have time for this, but now during quarantine, this is the best time to engage in your sexual health
  • Read the Taoist techniques of love, they contain a lot of useful information on how to become an ideal lover, experience multiple orgasms, fight premature ejaculation and increase your libido

Taking male enhancement pills and following recommendations to improve your sexual health, you can expect that in 1-2 months you can awaken your sexual appetite.

By definition, this is a condition in which you feel an insufficient erection or its complete absence for a long time.

In order to determine if you have erectile dysfunction, you should consult your doctor. In fact, natural pills to increase an erection work, but here it is important to purchase those that do not give side effects and work as efficiently as possible.

The most popular medications prescribed by doctors are PDE5 inhibitors. They really do a good job of increasing the erection, but after using them, the return of the problems with the erection that you had is observed. Plus there are some health problems.

They work on the principle of nitrogen secretion, which effectively affects an erection. When you say ED pills, they mean any pills available in the pharmacy that can enhance an erection.

This is a very general definition and you need to distinguish between what are prescription drugs, what are natural drugs, what is the difference between them, how long to wait for the effect of taking such pills to cure Erectile Dysfunction, and how to determine the most suitable for yourself.

As we said earlier, erectile dysfunction manifests itself in the inability to get an erection or its condition does not allow you to start sexual intercourse. In fact, very often men can experience temporary difficulties with the power of an erection or its complete loss due to various reasons: stress, illness, unhealthy lifestyle.

As a rule, such periods end and you can again live a full-fledged sexual life. But the fact of the appearance of such a condition is an occasion to visit a doctor and buy natural pills against erectile dysfunction.

The choice of such pills is growing, thousands of brands are already on the market. How to choose something suitable for yourself.

So, here are the main criteria for choosing ED pills:

  • You should familiarize yourself with the results of clinical trials using a specific formula. You will be convinced that 99% of the tablets will not suit you right away for one simple reason – these tablets have never been clinically tested in independent laboratories. To date, only a few of the tablet brands that we wrote about in this review have truly proven effective. It turns out that you can immediately drop almost all brands of tablets that simply contain some useful substances and concentrate on the formulas VigRx Plus, Neosize XL, Male Extra, Max Performer and Prosolution Pills
  • When buying pills on the official website, you should have a money-back guarantee. Almost no one offers it except the above brands
  • You should familiarize yourself with the official list of ingredients and compare it with the list published by medical publications that have studied the formula and confirmed its effectiveness.
  • The site of the company that sells tablets should have all the contacts – work phone number, office address, product certification information
  • About each tablet, there are reviews on the forums about increasing male potency. If you can’t find reviews, it means that they simply do not exist and no one is buying these pills. If they are only negative – this product is not worth buying. If there are positive responses – study them and see the real experience of other men who took these pills
  • Examine what the medical sites say about the specific formula, whether these pills are on the blacklist and whether any negative reactions of medical specialists are associated with her name. For example, there are such reactions to the Vimax product. It contains harmful substances that can cause side effects.

Let’s talk about prescription over the counter ED pills

When you are faced with a problem of insufficient erection or its absence, then consult a doctor to find out whether it is erectile dysfunction or not and how to solve this problem.

If a problem is found and you are really suffering from erectile dysfunction, doctors prescribe prescription drugs for you. They cannot write you a prescription for the purchase of dietary supplements, as they are not approved by the FDA.

They can only write you Sildenafil, Avanafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil. These are the drugs that medicine recommends today. In this case, side effects if taken, are considered a normal type of reaction of the body.

The principle of operation of these tablets is the same. Before intercourse, you need to take a pill and it starts to act a certain amount of time – from 15 minutes to 36 hours. In this case, even if you do not need an erection, you will still have it. This is such an unhealthy reaction of the body to taking potent drugs for impotence. In addition, you may encounter the following side effects:

  • Headaches caused by potent pills
  • Muscle pain that causes discomfort
  • It is also possible visual impairment for a period of time
  • You may have a stuffy nose for a while
  • Painfully ongoing erection

All these are fairly standard reactions of the body to potent substances inside these tablets. In addition to these reactions, more serious ones are possible, such as exacerbation of cardiovascular diseases, hypotension, and stroke.

Also, the use of prescription tablets together with other drugs can cause other side effects. All this happens because the above tablets for erectile dysfunction contain synthetic substances, they immediately begin to act and give the desired effect. But it turns out to be short-lived and can aggravate your sexual health and overall well-being.

That is why their use is not recommended in the long term, especially if you are sensitive to such reactions and do not want complications with your health.

That is why today men are much more likely to choose natural pills that contain only natural extracts, the effect of which on male potency is exerted by a therapeutic effect, helping to saturate the body with only the necessary trace elements necessary for your potency.

What prescription ED pills for impotence can give you

Doctors prescribe Viagra or Cialis, as they give a quick effect and are not dangerous to the health of most men. But individual reactions may vary and not every organism is able to cope with the consequences of taking these pills. You may encounter:

  • Various muscle pains
  • Cardiac arrhythmia
  • Digestive disorders
  • Blood pressure problems
  • Angina pectoris
  • Allergic symptoms

Before you prescribe a drug, the doctor inquires you in detail, looks at your medical history. If he makes a mistake and prescribes the wrong drug for you to increase potency, this could be fraught with your health.

You are also told about what you cannot do when taking these pills. For example, drink alcohol. You are told with which drugs you should not interfere with pills for erectile dysfunction.

To summarize, then tablets for erectile dysfunction should not be drunk for people with hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, kidney, liver, eye, stomach.

Also, Viagra and Cialis can not be combined with the use of natural tablets to increase potency.

Potency problems in men with prescription erectile dysfunction drugs

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by physiological problems in men. We must also not forget about the psychological problems that today lead to erectile dysfunction much more often.

Constant stress, problems at home or at work, self-doubt. Also, the small size of the penis, premature ejaculation and insufficient amount of sperm secreted after orgasm – all this develops certain problems with potency.

In order to get rid of these problems once and for all, an integrated approach is needed. Firstly, you can use natural pills that will naturally restore male power to you, and secondly, you need to reconsider your current lifestyle, your habits, your diet. It is very important to understand that erectile dysfunction does not occur by itself. It can be a consequence of the aging process, or the loss of the growth hormone, testosterone.

The very first step is to make up for the loss of the body in trace elements. And the second step is to make proper nutrition and physical activity – an integral part of your life. Even if you give training only 20 minutes a day, you can improve your body.

Healthy men, full of energy due to proper nutrition, simply can not have erectile dysfunction. Remember, impotence is not a sentence, but only an indication of your current health problems.

After all, your sexual health is directly related to your physical and mental health. You cannot defeat erectile dysfunction only with pills, it will only be a temporary victory. If you want to win the war in the struggle for male sexual power, stamina, powerful orgasms, and sexual desires – you should choose the right strategy.

Psychological problems that affect your potency

So, as I said above, the doctor may not find any physical abnormalities in you and he will certainly refer you to family psychologists or a psychoanalyst. This is because in the bustle of your own problems you can lose not only an erection but also your own head and a psychoanalyst can’t do here.

But think for yourself, what can he tell you? Stop being afraid of everything? Stop getting nervous and worried? Stop experiencing stress and divorce your own wife? You know better than him why you are worried, what you are afraid of and what distracts you from sex life today.

Understand yourself, read the correct literature – Taoist secrets of love, psychology. Find for yourself a good author who will immerse you in an atmosphere of tranquility and you will see it will definitely work.

Do you have the opportunity with the help of such pills like VigRx Plus is, ExtenZe, Prosolution Pills, Male Extra, Neosize XL, Max Performer physiologically overcome erectile dysfunction with the help of natural ingredients in a balanced formula.

You will get exactly the charge that will allow you to completely restore an erection to the level that you had in your young years. No matter how old you are now 45 or 65, you can make an erection stronger by increasing blood flow, which will fill your penis reservoirs to the brim. As a result, not only an erection grows, your penis becomes visually larger in length and width.

As you know, in order to satisfy a woman, your member must be as eroded as possible, if it is larger in size, she will get even more pleasure from frictions.

And most importantly – the gradual increase in erection, stamina in bed and sexual desire will help you psychologically tune into sex. After all, as you know, by the power of thought you cause an erection, your erotic fantasies, your desires, they all first arise in your head and only then the penis is filled with blood and you want to have sex at any cost with objects of your lust.

Now imagine that taking pills and a healthier lifestyle will always be like this. For example, today I have sex with my wife in quarantine every day, usually in the evening. She especially for me puts on a sexy outfit, heels, lace underwear, uses perfume.

She gives me a blowjob, caresses me, but if earlier she had to excite me for 15 minutes, now I just need to think about her, as my cock becomes as eroded as possible.

Previously, I was constantly interrupted in order to ask her to give a blowjob, a member simply fell out of the vagina, the strength of the erection was lost. It knocked her and me down. I always took VigRx Plus for 7 months and it gave a fantastic result.

You can’t even imagine how important it is to feel the first result of taking natural libido supplements. At first, you doubt that the formula will work for you, then you think that you are using useless pills, then you begin to feel impotent, who hopes for a miracle.

I got my first result from taking anti- ED pills after 2 weeks of taking VigRx Plus, I also mixed ExtenZe every day, but then I focused on VigRx Plus.

What was the first result after taking natural erectile dysfunction pills?

I began to notice that the penis was getting firmer and my erection was stable, confidently for an entire hour. Previously, I could keep the erection maximum for no longer than 15 minutes, then I constantly asked for a blowjob, inserted my fingers into the anus of my girlfriend. It excited me, but not right away.

My wife and I have been together for 10 years, I constantly look at other women and they do not excite me much more than my own wife. But I can’t just have sex with them, as this is contrary to my principles. Sometimes I make love with my wife and think about those women with whom I could make love.

It turns out that our sex life is at an impasse. I have the opportunity every day to have sex with my wife, but I stopped wanting her and because of this we have a lot of problems because my wife thinks that I do not want her.

But over time, my sexual desire began to disappear completely. I am 40 years old and this situation upsets me. I like to live a full sexual life, it used to inspire me. But now I am solving a lot of family issues and sex is fading into the background. We may not have sex for a month or even two, it sounds awful, but we just don’t notice it.

So, I studied a lot of different pills that the doctor prescribed for me and which I recommended. I would like to consider them in more detail

Over the Counter ED medicines(non-prescription)

So, we will talk about the PDE5 inhibitors. They are very effective and give almost instant results. They work by stimulating the production of nitric oxide. This method is very effective but is completely artificial with a whole set of consequences.

Many men are satisfied with some adverse reactions, it is important for them to quickly make their penis solid. Such a desire is understandable, only paying for it sometimes takes months.

And all because your body can react negatively to artificial stimulation of erectile dysfunction.

Natural pills to increase erection really work

So, the increased erection is possible without synthetic ingredients. This is proved by studies of tablets such as VigRx Plus, published in well-known medical journals. The effect is achieved within a few months or even a year, but it is long-playing and often – you will no longer have to take them when the erection is restored.

Another important fact is that pills not only help to make your erection stronger, but also:

  • Enhance sexual arousal
  • Stimulate sexual appetite
  • Helps to stay in bed longer and have sex several times in a row
  • Effectively affect your ability to recover faster after orgasm and continue sex
  • Thanks to them, you can feel multiple orgasms.
  • With these pills, you get more pleasure from sex

Men all over the world purchase pills such as VigRx Plus, ExtenZe to permanently get rid of erectile dysfunction. I can say from my own experience that taking pills does not cause any adverse reactions.

The action is very soft and gradual. The pill formula contains natural aphrodisiacs and extracts that enhance blood flow to the penis, saturate the body with those trace elements that are used to stimulate your sexual activity.

Strong potency and libido are evidence of the health of your body and the presence of the hormone testosterone in it, which is characteristic only of men. A lack of testosterone in the blood can lead to erectile dysfunction.

What is the reason for the inefficiency of pills from erectile dysfunction for some men?

As the demand for erectile dysfunction pills has been rising for many years in a row, many manufacturers are trying to capitalize on this. They produce very simple formulas, copying them and not thinking about their effectiveness, come up with a name, packaging, invest in advertising, make a website and now they are selling the product to gullible men.

However, it is completely unknown:

  • Are these products certified
  • Are there any conclusions from doctors
  • Have clinical studies been conducted on the formula and what are their results
  • Does the manufacturer guarantee the result of taking the pills?
  • Is it possible to return the money if they do not work?
  • What is the guarantee that the list of ingredients indicated on the pill bottle is true?
  • What kind of company produced these pills, what is known about it?
  • Does the support service work and can it answer all my questions

If you see any of these points in doubt, do not buy these pills. You must remember that the promises of manufacturers on websites do not mean anything. They refuse responsibility, and then men complain about side effects and tell everyone that natural pills do not work or that after taking them, side effects are observed.

Fakes on famous ED pills

Very often, Chinese manufacturers try to fake existing hyped products on the market. Since today you can sell anything under any names on sites like Amazon, Chinese factories are replicating brands such as VigRx Plus, ExtenZe, Max Performer by their popular name.

Sometimes they just release pills of the same name, but poor quality. And sometimes they come up with other names for these formulas and sell them in bulk to entrepreneurs from the USA and Europe who already make websites and establish retail sales over the Internet.

How to choose the right natural over the counter formula to combat ED?

When it comes to the individual selection of tablets that are able to solve exactly your problem, we must draw up the criteria that the tablet should meet. To do this, we must understand what is a useful property of each of them. Let’s list:

  • Strengthening male potency due to a rush of blood to the penis
  • Improving results with each new week.
  • No side effects
  • Comprehensive effects on male sexual functions
  • Strengthening male stamina in bed. How long would you not have sex, your desire, erection, and arousal should not weaken
  • Your sexual pleasure should grow. Those. taking pills all the time makes you more fun having sex

So, let’s see exactly why the choice of natural tablets is more correct than prescription

The main advantage of natural tablets is their safety and the absence of side effects. I’ll tell you more, taking them gives the same results as Viagra in 15 minutes, only this result is natural, generated by your own body.

Every man in his life had periods, usually in his younger years, when the erection and strength of male potency were maximum. Many men find it hard to believe, but you can return those very years and remember the same feelings that you once had. The whole secret is in the resumption of the mechanisms in your body that are responsible for sexual functions.

In such a formula of tablets for UNITS, as VigRx Plus, Male Extra, ExtenZe, Max Performer, there are ingredients whose action has been confirmed by clinical studies. Their results can be read on reputable medical sites.

We are so arranged that we react to our physiological state first of all. If we are told that by the power of thought we can strengthen an erection, but in reality, it does not work, we simply stop doing it. Tablets like VigRx Plus give a specific result that can be felt after a month of administration.

Are taking natural ED pills safe for health?

Even if you carefully studied the information about the pills that you bought, you still feel a little uneasy about taking some potent drug that enhances your erection. When I bought VigRx Plus for the first week, I watched not so much for my positive results as for negative ones.

It seemed to me that my head hurts more often, my blood pressure drops, my heart beats more often. All this turned out to be far-fetched when I stopped paying attention to it. My erection strengthened after 2 weeks, while I felt vigorous and strong. This means that the tablets worked as they should and did not worsen my general condition.

Initially, I was wondering, due to what extracts does an erection increase? It turned out that almost all the ingredients in VigRx Plus are either aphrodisiacs or stimulants of blood flow to the penis.

All this in a complex stimulates male potency and forms a healthy blood flow, which makes an erection not only bigger, it stretches the penis in length and width. As a result, the penis appears visually larger. This is the effect of penis enlargement, which is intensified throughout the course of taking VigRx Plus.

Creams or pills for erectile dysfunction?

When I made my order pills VigRx Plus is, I have included in it a tube of cream to increase erection Prosolution Gel, one bottle of pills to increase sperm count Semenax, the Volume Pills and analog VigRx Plus is pills ExtenZe.

I decided to try the cream, as its clinical indications testified to the effectiveness of the product and ease of use. I applied the cream in massage movements on the penis before having sex with my wife, and literally, a few seconds later I felt a sharp increase in blood flow to the penis.

The erection was not maximal and I did not know what to do – I could not ask my wife to give me a blowjob since the penis was a gel, but I could not have sex either, because the penis was not erect enough.

This condition upset me neither here nor there and I no longer used the gel. Moreover, I began to experience a slight burning sensation on the skin and it began to itch. As I understand it, it was an allergic reaction to one of the components.

Natural pills for erectile dysfunction work and should be used

Now, when I am in quarantine with my family, I have time to write my own review about pills against erectile dysfunction, as I overcame my problem, tried different products that I wrote about in an article and used VigRx Plus and ExtenZe for a year.

For 4 months I have not taken any pills, but I started to eat right, ride my bike, started going to the gym 2 times a week and gradually restore my health, gain muscle mass and have regular sex. Now about 7 times a week and it gives me the inspiration to work from home, write interesting materials for men who faced the same problems as I did a year and a half ago.

Sexual life is what makes a man happy, self-sufficient and self-confident. If something threatens your healthy sex life, you need to urgently take action. I am glad that I studied the problem of erectile dysfunction in time and independently found a solution without doctors. I advise you to do the same and buy VigRx Plus tablets.


James Carlton

James Carlton(journalist and a medical blogger)