Do Penis Extenders Work? My Thoughts, Tips and Tricks [10 Devices]

There is so much information today about penis stretchers. 

You can find thousands of videos on Youtube, hundreds of thousands of blogs write about them, medical sites publish their research, where you can clearly see it works. Lots of men today write on forums about their experiences with different penis extenders.

All this needs to be involved in order to find clear and understandable answers to the following questions in a huge amount of information:

  1. Do penis extenders really work the way everyone says it?
  2. Which extenders are really effective, and it’s better to know which one is the only one to choose for yourself?
  3. Is it possible to strengthen your erection or is it only possible to enlarge your penis?
  4. What if I want to straighten my penis, which extender should I buy then?
  5. Do I have to wear the device for 4-6 hours a day to get some kind of result?
  6. What is the most comfortable extender and how to avoid side effects?
  7. How to force yourself to wear an extender if it causes discomfort and there is no time for it?

So, as you can see, there are still a lot of questions and they are all related to the fact that you do not have the opportunity to get some kind of professional advice. Why is it like this?

Doctors do not recommend penis extenders so far

In fact, penis traction technology has been around for over 20 years. And all this time, new brands and designs of extenders appear on the market.

There are already about 10 of the most famous of them, and there are already hundreds of Chinese. They simply falsify the original work and cost many times less.

Why can’t you just go to a specialist and get an answer to all these questions?

The fact is that while the technology of stretching the penis in medical practice is found only in various postoperative procedures. It is associated with surgery and plastic surgery to enlarge the penis.

Surprisingly, every month around the world, about a million men around the world are interested in this topic.

Can you imagine this? 

You are thinking about how the penis extender would not harm you, would not leave some hematoma, or burst capillary after use. Others are just ready to lie under the scalpel to make their penis bigger.

Surgery is dangerous, its consequences are unpredictable, many can say goodbye to their erection and suffer from postoperative syndrome until the end of their days. Penis enlargement surgery can be compared to breast augmentation surgery.

The whole world says that it is dangerous and millions of such operations are carried out around the world every month.

Penis extenders are a harmless and natural way to make your penis longer

Women have no alternative – no one has yet figured out how to enlarge a woman’s breasts without surgery. This is simply not possible. But the tissues of the penis can be lengthened due to the action of devices such as Quick Extender Pro , Penimaster PRO , Jes Extender , Phallosan Forte , SizeGenetics , Male Edge .

Official medicine confirms the effectiveness of the technique since it has an evidence base.

How do penis extenders work?

The extender provides traction that affects the entire penis, from the base to the tip of the glans. The penis is fixed in the device in such a way that it can be pulled back and different constructions can provide such traction:

Type 1 – barbell extenders with strap attachment of the penis head

Type 2 – vacuum extenders holding the head of the penis in a vacuum chamber

In the first case, the penis is securely fixed and along the entire length of the penis, there are aluminum rods on both sides, which are tightened using special screws. They provide the necessary traction for the penis tissue to stretch.

The process itself is natural and the cells of the tissues of the penis begin to divide under the influence of traction. This is how a new tissue is formed.

In the second case, with vacuum extenders, traction is created by a strap that is tied on both sides to the extender. The tension level can be monitored using a special tension scale if we are talking about Phallosan Forte.

Both the first and second constructs are effective and can have a significant impact on penis growth. Moreover, we are talking about a permanent result.

  1. Which extenders really enlarge the penis?

It is wrong to think that any popular extender will be effective for you personally. There are many factors that affect the effectiveness of a device when choosing a particular one. The thing is that every man:

  • has its own goals and objectives
  • has a certain amount of time
  • has its own preferences in the type of extender (vacuum or rod)
  • ready to devote a certain amount of time daily
  • independently plans a routine
  • defines for itself a number of auxiliary methods for natural penis enlargement
  • independently determines the level of tension for himself and monitors the quality of using the extender
  • has its own level of comfort

All these factors determine the efficiency of using the device. Those. in fact, the same device can be effective for one man, but not effective for another man.

Then one of them says on the forums that it works, and the other complains and advises against buying it. Such diametrically opposite reactions are the result of many reasons.

Today I have the following devices in my collection that I personally have used for a long time:

Quick Extender Pro

I think it is the best choice for most men. It is very versatile, it stands out with its own double-fastening system and the necessary accessories for comfortable use. Among rod extenders, it is perhaps the most effective one at once in a whole range of parameters: quality, comfort, efficiency, personal settings, ease of use. Learn our Quick Extender Pro review.


This is one of the first extenders on the market, manufactured by the renowned Danish company DanaMedic .

Easy to use, bundled and sold separately on the website, there are many accessories available for comfort and efficiency. The device is recommended by the FDA and there are many reviews on the forums for penis enlargement. SizeGenetics review.

Male Edge

It is a great device for those men who do not want to assemble a device or constantly change accessories. This is perhaps the most compact device, which is very easy to customize for yourself – the length of the rods, as well as the tension level. Everything is regulated immediately in the extender.

No extra booms, no complicated settings. It is very light and despite only a few levels of bar length, 3 levels of tension – it perfectly adjusts to any length of the penis. A great option for those who want the simplest and most effective extender that does not require a lot of setups. Read more in our review.

Phallosan Forte and Phallosan Forte Plus

The most powerful and comfortable devices. They are developed by the German company Swiss Anna .

The technology is really unique and in practice, it is the most comfortable for your penis. At the same time, the device is distinguished by the efficiency and accuracy of its work. Maintaining preset traction settings is key to penis enlargement with Penis traction .

I want to say a few words about the device: it is a vacuum extender that holds the head of the penis in a vacuum chamber, traction is created using an elastic strap that is attached to the device from both sides.

Phallosan Forte Plus is an add-on attachment to the extender, which consists of rods and tension screws. Those. it is an extender capable of providing powerful traction while providing comfort for the head of the penis.

Why is it important? As a rule, barbell extenders with the attachment of the head of the penis with a strap or loop cause discomfort when worn.

Even if you use different pads under the mount and the head of the penis, friction is still felt. And since the penis is a very delicate part of the body, any friction will be felt. You need to wear the extender for hours – so it never goes unnoticed.

The constant friction causes discomfort. But this is not about Phallosan Forte , as here the vacuum chamber is used to ensure that the head of the penis is in the anatomically correct chamber in terms of comfort.

Moreover, the vacuum does not come into direct contact with the mucous membrane of the head, since it is in a special condom, it is with it that the vacuum interacts. It turns out that this is the most convenient and comfortable option. You will not see any side effects after using the extender. Click here to read more about Phallosan Forte.

Penimaster PRO

Another extender that works by keeping the head of the penis in a special chamber. The specially designed Pulling Force Generator system ensures that the head of the penis is securely held in the chamber so that the strap can then be used to attach it over the waist, shoulder, or even knee. However, you can also use a boom design with tension screws to increase the pressure level. Penimaster PRO review.

  1. What other benefits does the use of an extender provide besides penis enlargement?

I want to say right away that stretching the penis is a process that enhances your potency. You can expect increased erections, increased sexual stamina, and improved sexual desire.

At the same time, stretching the penis helps to straighten the penis if it is curved. All of these benefits are possible because you put stress on your penis by stretching the tissues and thereby increasing blood flow to the penis. This is key to improving male function.

  1. Which penis extender works best for straightening the penis?

In fact, all extenders are capable of straightening the penis. But for this, it is desirable to have additional accessories. This is why some extenders like SizeGenetics , Quick Extender Pro have special penis straightening packages. I recommend using them. As for devices such as Phallosan Forte and Penimaster PRO , they are also effective, but their use should last longer than in the version with a classic barbell extender.

  1. Do you really need to wear the penis enlargement device up to 6 hours a day?

In fact, the wearing time directly affects the speed of achieving the result and its magnitude. Those. penis stretching technology itself is all about the load, duration and traction settings.

If all 3 parameters are significant, then the result will be significant. You can wear the extender for 2-3 hours a day, but the increase in the penis will be noticeable only after a few months.

And the final result is not earlier than in 9-10 months. In this case, you can increase the penis up to 3 inches in length in just 5-6 months, if the duration of wearing the device every day is at least 4 hours.

  1. Which of the penis extenders is the most comfortable and safe?

These are, of course, Phallosan Forte and Penimaster PRO vacuum extenders. I wrote above why they are so safe, but I repeat – you still have to take care of the increase in load, focusing on your feelings. It is the level of tension and the length of time that the traction is used that ensures the growth and extension of the penis.

  1. How to force yourself to wear an extender?

In fact, it is difficult for the first week. You get used to it, you get nervous, follow the settings, focus on sensations, you need to get used to taking off and putting on an extender. And it is also very important to psychologically get used to it. Then you will quickly enter the mode.

How does penis extender really work?

So, after reading this review, you probably have a lot of confidence now in extenders and their work. This technology is not new, so you do not need to experiment, just take the best practices, read how specific male extenders are used and achieve results.


James Carlton

James Carlton(journalist and a medical blogger)