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Semen is at full efficiency when in one ml of semen there are 15 million sperms, and they get lowered due to overheating of testicles, or if you are under stress, or have sexually transmitted infections, which reduce the ability to produce more sperm. What is the solution for it?

Volume Pills Effectiveness According to Customers Reviews

The easiest way to increase sperm count and produce more semen is to take Volume Pills . It’s a safe and effective way to rich your goals. You can enhance sperm volume by 500% with no jokes.

This ejaculate supplement is well known, and you can read thousands of customer reviews, which confirm the effectiveness of Volume Pills sperm increase medicine.

You can learn about this product before you buy it. What’s the most important – it’s a natural pill, all the ingredients are listed, and most of them are proven to be effective.

Do you know that the male testicle is present outside the body due to scientific reasons?

It is important that testicles should remain cool. If testicles remain cool, then they will produce more sperms efficiently.

How to Increase Sperm Volume(produce more semen)

  1. So don’t wear tight jeans or tight pants, wear cotton boxers. Don’t wear underwear while sleeping at night. If you participate in sports, you can use jockstraps to prevent testicles from injury.
  2. Massage testicles with herbal oil to improve blood circulation. If you work for more than twelve hours, then stress will be there. But this stress is very harmful. It prevents you to produce more sperm.
  3. To relieve stress do yoga, meditation swimming, cycling, exercises and use herbal sperm Volume Pills, that are guaranteed to work.
  4. Leydig cells produce testosterone in men, and due to stress, the cells get blocked. You should take at least eight hours of sleep to avoid tiredness.
  5. You need to stay away from cigarettes and alcohol, and of course, drugs that prevent sperm production. These bad habits affect sperm production negatively. We will take a look closer at how to increase semen load with Volume Pills.
  6. Don’t ejaculate a lot. How can you lower down ejaculation? If you masturbate regularly or have intercourse often, then reduce it because sperm count is already low, to preserve it. Don’t flush away with every ejaculation.
  7. Did you know?
    Having sex two-three times in a week is healthy.
  8. Make a test for sexually transmitted infections.
  9. Pay attention to your diet, eat high-protein and low-fat food, meat, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, eat more dry fruits. Stay away from soy products and high fructose corn syrup. Soy products are good for women, but its estrogenic effect is not suitable for sperm volume.

High fructose corn syrup increases insulin resistive which reduces fertility. Stay away from cola. Maintain your weight. Take Volume Pills to increase semen volume and improve sperm production.

Best Advice: Use Volume Pills to Improve Semen Count

Quick note
Stay away from chemicals and radiation; then you will notice the changes in your condition.

Even after this if you are not able to become a father then visit Volume Pills as soon as possible.

I am sure that you will need to know how it is possible, in principle, to increase the amount of sperm today and what methods and products exist for this.

This problem is really serious as many men suffer from the fact that they can not achieve the full enjoyment of sexual intercourse, and release a sufficient amount of sperm to show sexy mu partner in all its possibilities as a lover.

So, actually, why do we need to take Volume Pills:

  • In the first, an increase in the amount of sperm is a tribute to the quality, good sex, which you will find on your partner. When you ejaculate is, quite strongly, a large amount of a perm s demonstrates your sexual power
  • Secondly, a significant ejaculation allows you to prolong your orgasm, which means you enjoy the sexual act more.

When the ejaculate after orgasm is very small, you can not sufficiently engage in sexual games. For example, to cum on her face, or on her tummy, you are limited in your abilities and forced to be content with ending in your fist. Do you like that kind of sex? Sure no. Exactly like your sexual partner.

Many women who are kind I t how little ejaculate is released you after orgasm, believing the t in that part of their wine. Women do not understand much how the male sexual function works and draw hasty and erroneous conclusions.

For example, that you are not sexually satisfied with your partner. Such findings are often at a subconscious level. You have finished weakly – so you didn’t like it, why then continue the relationship

If we consider our primary instincts, a woman is always looking for a partner for the male who is likely to fertilize her. That is, at the level of instincts, a woman much more wants sex with a man who can ejaculate strongly and much.

And, for sure, we get the opposite reaction from a woman when the volume of sperm is very small. That is, it does not excite your sexual partner and this can cause serious problems in sexual life. As a rule, a weak erection follows such problems, because these are all links of the same chain.

Are there any natural methods to deal with this problem?

Thus, a small amount of sperm, even as weak the erection I prematurely the ejaculation, inability continues for a long time the sexual act – all this is a consequence of m m The men’s x with potency problems that need to be urgently solved.

When you see, that your semen volume is very small, he fell or was this always, but you want to fix it, it is best to start taking special vitamins – such as the Volume Pills and Semenax.

These tablets contain in their composition all the necessary extracts minerals, trace elements that positively affect men’s sexually and stimulates the production of sperm. Moreover, it’s not just about increasing your fertility, in this case, it’s only about increasing the production of ejaculate in your body.

You can start to eat food that can help to enhance sperm count, but even if you have a lot of dark meat, fish, and other foods that contain zinc, a beneficial effect on semen. The number does not guarantee that your situation will change.

The thing is that the number of the most important elements in some food products is very low, which is why it is recommended to take the pills that contain and so the right amount of all the important microelements stimulate male sexual function based s only natural extracts, vitamins, and minerals.

What is Volume Pills?

It is a natural formula that is recommended by many experts to increase sperm production of sperm in a natural way. It works very efficiently and gives a quick result, which accumulates over time.

On average, we are talking about increasing ejaculate at 500% already in the first e month’s taking these tablets. This is the secret of pornstars, which allows them to display incredible erections on the screen.

If you think that any man can ejaculate like a porn star and only you have a problem, this is not true. Porn stars in all use different stimulants, but if 15 years ago, they used some kind of harmful injections, that adversely affect later on their potency and male sexual health, today everything has changed porn actors use only natural organic additives, so as not to harm his potency.

The Volume Pills – this is the product that today is used by most stars for men, to strengthen their ejaculation and make it truly spectacular. The Volume Pills – a proven, natural, investigated and recommended product by physicians, in order to enhance the production of sperm in your body.

Hundreds and thousands of reviews on forums and blogs, more than 10 years of sales in the market, to clinical research, all-natural formula and reasonable price, the trusted manufacturer. This is exactly what will help you achieve the desired result without side effects.


Let’s talk about another sperm augmentation product from Leading Edge Health.

For many, this formula works better than Volume Pills, it really has a different composition, and often it is more effective for some men.

This product is as trusted as Volume Pills, it also contains important active sperm-boosting ingredients. I recommend buying at least 2 months of subscription to Semenax and 2 months of subscription to Volume Pills, try to compare which formula works best for you.

Have you Enough with the pills only to, to get the result and increase sperm count?

Supplements are a great way to naturally increase sperm count. But taking pills alone does not guarantee that you will achieve results quickly and fictitiously. When I start taking pills, you must adhere to certain rules in your daily diet.

I am you need to abandon their serious habits at least temporarily. You need to start eating, on time, get rid of fast food and excessive consumption of coffee.

You must adhere to proper sleep, you need at least a little bit to start to play sports in order, to stimulate the production of better potency.

Powerful ejaculation – this is your opportunity to feel a completely new quality of sexual life. You can relax and have fun and not think about the fact, that after the first sex your partner will be disappointed in you.

Moreover, you can start shooting a home video in which you can end up on the face and other parts of the body of your sexual partner and all this will look very exciting.

The ash sexual partner will enjoy, as you have sex is the number of sperm you ejaculate and you are guaranteed to rebuild their sex life.

So, let’s talk about all the benefits of taking Volume Pills :

  • The total increase in sperm excretion
  • More intense and stronger orgasms.
  • The growth of testosterone in the blood provokes a stronger erection
  • Volume Pills stimulates the growth of blood volume that enters the penis
  • You better control your own ejaculation
  • You have growing psychological confidence in your own potency
  • Your orgasm lasts longer, as the amount of sperm directly depends on the duration of your orgasm pleasure
  • You can get multiple orgasms.

Let’s talk more about the ingredients in Volume Pills :

Solidilin is the most popular extract used to enhance sexual function. He is responsible for the growth of sexual desire, which provokes an erection and excretion of sperm after orgasm.

This ingredient also contains D – Lopa, which is responsible for the production of dopamine. It is also called the hormone of pleasure and is responsible for many cognitive functions. We actually get more pleasure from sex when this hormone is abundant in the body. Hence the increase in the duration of orgasm and the severity of sensations.

Xi lan rou gui and Hong hua fen open blood vessels and stimulate blood flow to the penis. All this positively affects the erection. Moreover, it is this ingredient that maintains the strength of an erection during intercourse. It also stimulates prolonged ejaculation. It contains Omega- 3 fatty acids, which have a beneficial effect on potency and reduce heart disease.

Ku Gua is a drug that is responsible for blood glucose levels. And this, in turn, affects immunity and masculine strength.

San guo mu. This ingredient helps normalize men’s sexual health. It regulates blood pressure and heart activity. This herb is very effective in terms of increasing the amount of ejaculate and ejaculation during sex.

Dong Chong Xia Cao is an extremely valuable and rare herb used in Chinese medicine. The herb stimulates the production of the essential hormone progesterone, it is responsible for the stamina and extra energy that is released during your erection. It is a direct stimulator of sperm production.

Do Volume Pills work?

So, before just answering “Yes,” let’s analyze the medical facts about this bio additive to increase sperm count.

  • From the list of ingredients
  • The benefits
  • There is also a 67-day warranty information
  • Doctor’s recommendation
  • Information on how to take

It is important to read reviews both on the official website and in various forums, on Amazon and other sites. Many important facts from real customers. The formula was developed back in 2003, today the official distributor is Leading Edge Health.

This product is sold worldwide from the official website. The tablets are certified and can be taken without a prescription. The tablet manufacturer is a well-known pharmaceutical company in the United States.

Among the products that it manufactures and sells – VigRx Plus is, Semenax, Prosolution Plus is. These are all names of truly trusted formulas that have tens of thousands of reviews all over the internet.

You can be sure that Volume Pills work because today the product was bought by hundreds of thousands of men around the world. After 30 days, you will begin to have positive changes.

I am sure that your main goal is not just to improve your sexual functions, but to increase the release of ejaculate. But one without the other is impossible, which is why the action of Volume Pills is complex and is aimed at increasing blood flow to the penis and generating sperm for powerful ejaculation.

This product does an excellent job with its goals, which is why Volume Pills are the best sperm pills in the world.

Many men today do not understand the causes of the problem, nor how to increase sperm count. In fact, you may actually be producing too little sexually mature sperm. Those. most likely you always had certain problems with the amount of sperm and you don’t even know what you are actually capable of.

Every man can stimulate the production of sperm, regardless of what today causes him, sperm count. The thing is that your body lacks important stimulants in the form of natural extracts that contain important vitamins and minerals.

They enter our bodies through the writing that we eat. In many ways, ejaculation and its strength depend on our current lifestyle, health, habits, on the atmosphere in which we live. Often men who experience regular stress at home or at work complain not only about an erection, lack of sexual desire, but also about the volume of ejaculate after orgasm.

In order for Volume Pills to work, it is important to begin to monitor your health, because it is directly related to our sexual male functions. You can’t just take pills and think that it will immediately establish the production of sperm in the body. You must remove the blocks that you created, which impede the flow of your sexual energy.

Spiritual Practices and Potency

Ideally, not only take pills but also do at least a little exercise Jelking and Kegels, which can be called sexual fitness. These methods perfectly stimulate blood circulation in the penis, normalize sexual health and stimulate sperm excretion. Those. the impact should be from 4 sides:

  • Taking pills, getting all the important trace elements
  • Sexual Fitness – Jelqing and Kegels Exercises
  • Proper nutrition and dietary intake of foods that are rich in zinc
  • Rejection of bad habits

Become a true lover

Abundant ejaculation, powerful potency, strong erection, strong sexual desire, pleasure from orgasm, demonstration of male power and even enlargement of the penis – all this is possible thanks to an integrated approach. Supplements are the best way to naturally heal your body. But we must not forget that such pills will not work if you do not follow a comprehensive strategy for healing your own body.

Whoever says anything, it is your sexual health that is responsible for the powerful ejaculation and concern for your potentiality today – this is your investment in sexual life, from which you should enjoy.

Men complex due to their erection and ejaculation

We can not relax in sex, have fun as we would like. We always think about:

  • Did she like my penis, its length, width, its shape?
  • Is my erection strong enough? How long can I have sex?
  • When the ejaculation happens, what if it happens too soon?
  • When the ejaculation begins and there will be little sperm, how will she perceive it?
  • How to make her give me a blowjob?
  • How to persuade her to swallow sperm if it is too small?

These thoughts will follow us at the most crucial moment when we must completely surrender to sex, pleasure, feel how the penis enters its vagina or anus, how it gives you a blowjob. How many sensations, how many excitements, a heartbeat, a pleasure in her body, an incredible orgasm and long, plentiful ejaculation.

Such sex is not just a dream, it is not the best porn video, it is what can happen to you. Confident sex without complexes and all these thanks to the Volume Pills dietary supplement and your desire to become more confident in sex and to establish your sexual health.

Where and how to buy Volume Pills?

These pills are really famous, in demand and popular. This means that there is always a demand for them and many resellers are trying to cash in on you, increase prices, fake a product and sell you a cheap version of famous tablets.

Even if you are used to buying everything on Amazon, is the purchase on the official website more suitable for you? Why?

  1. You get a much better price, especially when you purchase a 6-12 month pill subscription
  2. You will receive a refund guarantee within 67 days if you are not satisfied with the tablets and the result
  3. You get a lot of bonuses when buying from 6 bottles on the site
  4. Your package will be sent to you free of charge if you buy a subscription from 3 months
  5. Support service is always available to you, you can ask managers about the formula and its effectiveness
  6. Your transaction will be completely safe because an encrypted protocol for making a purchase is installed on the official website of the manufacturer
  7. You definitely buy only the original product

Start improving yourself as a lover with the purchase of Volume Pills and be sure to follow the recommendations from this article to enjoy powerful ejaculation, satisfy your sexual partner and relax during sex.


James Carlton

James Carlton(journalist and a medical blogger)