Male Extra Pills Review/Research and User Results(Before/After)

Official medicine today does not want to recognize supplements that can be freely bought on the Internet as an effective remedy for erectile dysfunction.

Official sources also deny the fact that your eroded penis may be larger due to the additional blood flow to the penis.

Nevertheless, products such as Male Extra today already gained more than 1 000 000 times and the glory of this product for male sexual health is growing.

In this Male Extra review, we will examine in detail these penis enlargement pills, its positive properties, the advantages of these pills over others, take a look at the ingredients of this formula, we will verify that this product really works as stated on the official website.

We conducted a comprehensive study, analyzed hundreds of sources – official and non-official, to collect all the important data about this formula and its effectiveness in this review.

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What is Male Extra?

It is a safe and effective product for enlarging the penis and strengthening an erection. Among its features:

  • Several times stronger erection
  • Increased erogenous member in length and width
  • The increased sensation from orgasm
  • Strengthening Sexual Stamina
  • Increased sexual desire

All ingredients in the Male Extra formula are public, their beneficial properties are confirmed by official medical research. In the composition of the product:

  • L-arginine. This amino acid is key in the secretion of nitrogen in your body. The strength and size of an erection are directly dependent on this process. L – arginine has been proven to work and therefore is used in the best dietary supplements to enhance erection
  • Pomegranate ellagic acid. The beneficial properties of this acid are known to medicine. This is a pomegranate extract that, due to its antioxidant properties, has a positive effect on male erections.
  • L-methionine is actively involved in the body. This acid is known for its ability to inhibit histamine synthesis. Thanks to the action of this ingredient, you can get rid of premature ejaculation.
  • Cordyceps
  • MSM. This compound has a beneficial effect on the bloodstream that goes to the penis. Penis tissue remains healthy thanks to this substance. It stimulates the work of cells, in this case, we are interested in the cells of the tissues of the penis
  • Zinc is involved in the synthesis of testosterone hormone. It maintains a normal level of this hormone to enhance sexual desire and erection.
  • Niacin helps expand the blood vessels of the penis. This helps make the erection visually larger and extend it over time so that your sexual stamina allows you to have sex for hours.

Taking Male Extra pills for several months you can see a truly impressive result. The penis grows due to the expansion of the blood chambers of which it consists. The more often and stronger the erection – the more opportunities for the growth of your penis. This effect is noticeable only when your penis is in an eroded state.

The whole point is that your body gets used to taking Male Extra and your erection becomes steadily larger. This effect is fixed within 6-12 months and after that most often – the result remains with you. If you then feel a weakening erection or penis size – you can again start taking Male Extra to restore results.

In fact, the long-term effect depends not only on whether you take the pill or not. The formula gives you extra strength while you must rebuild your lifestyle in order to stay physically healthy and to increase your libido.

This is possible if during the entire time of taking Male Extra you will:

  • Eat foods rich in zinc, amino acids, and vitamins. Your sexual system needs them
  • Go in for sports at least several times a week. It is best if it is associated with cardio loads.
  • Refuse bad habits: smoking, drinking coffee, alcohol
  • Start practicing Kegel exercises to strengthen your potency

Male Extra gives you a bridge over which you can come to a new sex life, where your erection will be powerful and strong, where you will have strong orgasms, where you can have sex for hours and satisfy your partner.

Because it is completely natural, it supplies your body with synthesized ingredients of natural origin. But all of them are included in a healthy diet of a man after a dietary supplement restores your male functions, everything will begin to depend only on you.

You can not improve your body if you do not change your lifestyle and continue to give the maximum load to your liver, nervous system, digestive system.

A man is sexually healthy only when his general health is normal. The product allows you to feel better, more confident in sexual terms and gives you new opportunities to control the power of your erection.

Many men do not require such pills, as their sexual functions are not impaired. But if you are experiencing problems with erection strength, it’s time to think about taking Male Extra.

What do you need to know about Male Extra?

This is a completely natural product, which is now subject to a 20% discount. If you have any allergies to formula elements, be sure to consult your doctor about using Male Extra.

In general, the product is safe for everyone, but if you have any specific diseases, we can not recommend its use without consulting a doctor.

Men always have a lot of questions about buying pills to enhance erection. We will try to answer them:

How does it work?

This formula contains the most effective extracts that stimulate blood flow to the penis and normalize your sexual functions. The main advantage of Male Extra over other tablets is the balance of the ingredients, their concentration in each capsule. This is a patented product of analogs that you will not find.

Why should I choose this supplement?

Because this product is recommended by doctors, it is clinically tested and its effectiveness has been proven from a medical point of view. On the website is published a detailed explanation of the principles of the product. Its effectiveness is beyond doubt, in addition, its action is guaranteed by the manufacturer

Does it provide any side effects?

In fact, the formula works on the basis of natural components, which means it can not cause any side effects. What is important – in Male Extra there are no hidden ingredients that can cause any side effects. The whole formula is patented and recommended for use.

How long to wait for the results?

The first results can be felt already in the 3rd week of using the product. This is expressed in strengthening the erection, in the duration of the sexual act, in your ability to restrain ejaculation and your sexual desire. The product is recommended to be used for at least 3 months to achieve a visible result – penis enlargement in length and width.

What are the benefits of buying on the official website?

  1. This is a guarantee of the purchase of the original product. Today at Male Extra there are a lot of fakes that are made in China. The only place where you can buy a 100% original product is the official website
  2. You get the best price when you buy, especially if you buy at least 3 bottles. It gives you a good discount and bonuses.
  3. Today, the product has a 20% discount, this is a good bonus. We recommend buying right now while the discount is active
  4. When buying 6 bottles, i.e. full course, you can save $ 568 on your purchase

Final Male Extra Review

I have been testing products for male sexual health for 15 years, and about 10 of them I am familiar with Male Extra. I did not use it personally, but on the other hand, I tried many other complexes and I can say that its content is a very powerful formula.

The product is clinically tested and works for everyone. I recommend trying it and buying a 3-month course of pills, while it is advisable to lead a healthy lifestyle in order to consolidate the result after the course of taking the pills.


James Carlton

James Carlton(journalist and a medical blogger)