SizeGenetics Results (Before/After), Forum Reviews. Does it work?

If you’ve been dealing with intimate issues that prevent you from feeling like a confident and strong man, then pay attention to the size of your penis. It’s often the small parameters of this organ that cause most sexual disorders in men.

Why Choose SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is an effective and safe extender for magnifying the parameters of the male reproductive organ and normalizing all sexual functions. The extender’s safe action is guaranteed, as the device has been thoroughly tested both in laboratory conditions and clinically. This is evidenced by the relevant certificates of quality and other documentation.

The SizeGenetics extender has been present in the market for many years. Over this period, the device has helped millions of members of the sterner sex across the world to overcome the small penis problem.

Also, regular use of the device helps alleviate and eliminate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, fix penis curvature.

The SizeGenetics reviews by satisfied consumers and the doctors’ recommendations are also an important factor, proving SizeGenetics is an authoritative and popular product, that shows great penis enlargement results.

Dr. Approved
Medical experts claim this extender is a 100% safe device that can solve many male intimate issues.

Does SizeGenetics work (results)?

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SizeGenetics Benefits

Let’s sketch out a list of the features that ensure the popularity of the SizeGenetics extender:

  • Quality. The device is designed taking into account the anatomical features of the penis. All the employed materials are medical and non-toxic. Therefore there’s no chance of any harm to the male body;
  • Comfort and ease of use. Thanks to the convenient and compact design, the stretcher is almost unnoticeable under clothing. It neither constricts your movements nor causes painful and uncomfortable sensations;
  • Effectiveness. All user of the SizeGenetics tool experience a positive impact and observe an enlargement of their penis parameters (length and girth), as well as a significant improvement in their sexual capabilities;
  • Price. The SizeGenetics device comes at a budget-friendly price that is affordable to residents of any region of the planet. The buyer can choose from a large collection of models that vary in price and configuration;
  • Detailed instructions for use. The extender comes with additional video recommendations that explain the principle of its activities and how to use it correctly.

How Does SizeGenetics Work?


 The SizeGenetics is based on a classic principle of action: stretching the penis using tension and pressure.   When you’re wearing the device, it enhances blood flow in the pelvic organs and the penis.

The activated blood circulation results in a stretching of the cavernous tissues of the penis, which eventually leads to impressive size parameters. Both length and volume (girth) of the genital are magnified.

SizeGenetics Review
Using the SizeGenetics is nothing like rocket science – it’s simple and uncomplicated. Its design envisages holding the penis with the help of special straps. The rods on the sides of the device create the stretching force. As your penis grows, you should adjust the length of the metal rods.

For the best results, you should wear SizeGenetics for 8-12 hours per day. The recommended course of treatment is 6-8 months. Keep in mind that you should use the device only during the day when you are awake and capable of noticing any discomfort and painful sensations that are not supposed to occur.

Compare SizeGenetics Packages(Review)

Before reviewing the delivery contents of the SizeGenetics extender, it’s worth mentioning the manufacturer offers several packages that differ in configuration and price. The most popular package is Value Edition:

  • The Value Edition includes a stretcher, a pair of spare metal rods, and one strap. ($199.95)
  • The Comfort Package is additionally completed with detailed instructions and cream. ($249.95)
  • Ultimate System contains very many additional elements, including rods of different lengths, as well as a storage pouch, instructions, and a lubricant. ($299.95)
  • Curvature & Peyronie’s Edition ($299.95)

SizeGenetics Side Effects

Many potential buyers inquire about the possibility of side effects to the use of SizeGenetics. According to the manufacturer, if you use the extender properly and follow all the recommendations, the likelihood of negative reactions is nearing zero.

If you feel pain and discomfort while wearing the device, you must take it off immediately. Otherwise, these unpleasant sensations may entail hematomas, skin cracks, and strains of the penis.

Where to buy SizeGenetics?

If you intend to purchase this reliable, effective, and safe extender for penis enlargement, make sure to buy it from the manufacturer’s official online store, not from Alpha XR, eBay, Amazon, or other marketplaces.

This way, the client protects his rights and obtains a guarantee of quality from the manufacturer.

Resorting to the official portal, the buyer receives not only a high-quality, original product but also an opportunity to save a chunk of his budget.

The manufacturing company holds promotions and offers discounts on a regular basis.

Besides, the company’s consultants will provide competent answers to all of your questions and help you choose the most suitable model.

You will also be informed about all current promotions, and discount offers applicable to your purchase.

SizeGenetics Before and After Results


Let’s sketch out a list of the advantages you get to enjoy if you opt for a SizeGenetics stretcher:

  • The manufacturer’s quality guarantee. You’re guaranteed a full refund in case the effect of the device fails to provide the desired result;
  • Competent customer support on the official website. The consultants will answer any questions, help you to select the package that suits your needs, and more;
  • Fast and reliable delivery to any region of the planet. The device is delivered in a classic white box that features no inscriptions and pictures. This ensures the degree of confidentiality preferred by the buyer;
  • The client is guaranteed to receive an original product. Its effectiveness, safety, and quality are confirmed by the relevant certificates;
  • The recommendations of doctors. There are a plethora of positive comments from medical professionals regarding the action of the SizeGenetics penis enlargement stretcher.
  • Also, this device is actively used in clinics. Experts prescribe the SizeGenetics extender as an effective means of stimulating the growth of the penis, correcting the curvature, and restoring the man’s sexual capabilities.

Does SizeGenetics Really Work?

While selecting, purchasing, and using the SizeGenetics, men face some questions that need a detailed explanation.


Are there any contraindications to the use of SizeGenetics?

The action of the SizeGenetics is quite safe and harmless. However, there are a few contraindications, in the presence of which it is necessary to refuse this penis enlargement option.

 Young people under the age of 18 years and men over the age of 70 years should not use the device. Men with mental disorders are strictly forbidden to wear the device .

How soon will I see positive results?

For a positive result to reach its final stage, the man should wear his SizeGenetics extender daily for 6-8 months.

How safe is the action of SizeGenetics?

The safety and effectiveness of the SizeGenetics have been repeatedly tested in clinics. The safe effect of the device on the male body is confirmed by the doctors’ positive recommendations and feedback from satisfied consumers.

Length Generation: SizeGenetics Extender for Reliable Results

The quality of life is what defines human existence. And one of the important components of this concept is sexual release. Without it, life becomes tasteless and bland. Men are often poisoned by life dissatisfaction with the length of their penis. But there are special devices with which you can significantly increase the length and increase your self-esteem.

1) Penis traction and the classic SizeGenetics model – FDA approved

Penis traction technology really gives penis enlargement results

The concept of traction therapy has been known since the time of Hippocrates and to this day is used in orthopedics. As a non-surgical method for increasing the length of the penis, correcting its curvature, as well as eliminating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, Penis traction technology has been used for over 30 years. The first extenders were bulky orthopedic devices that differed not only in size but also in pain when using them.

The SizeGenetics brand specializes in orthopedic devices for penis enlargement for over 20 years. Today, SizeGenetics devices are one of the few approved for use by the FDA – Food and Drug Administration. This is a confirmation that the devices are completely safe to use and are not harmful to life or health.

The products are also certified in accordance with the Medical Equipment Directive 93/42 / EEC in Europe, on the basis of which SizeGenetics extenders are actively used in the practice of urological clinics around the world.

The classic SizeGenetics model is a urological orthopedic device for medical use, which is prescribed for the following diseases:

  • micropenis syndrome;
  • Peyronie’s disease;
  • short urethral canal;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • penile curvature of congenital etiology;
  • penis length correction in sexological and andrological practice.

The device is a rod strap extender that is worn directly on the penis and is attached under the head using a strap with a latch. Traction, in this case, is created by special adjustable metal rods that can create a tension of up to 2.8 kg.

Due to the build quality, a variety of configurations, safe and modern materials, SizeGenetics is used by men living in different countries of the world, and the title of extender who can be trusted has earned the amendment.

2) History of SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics: From Origins to the Present

The inventor of SizeGenetics is Dr. Jørn Ege Siana, a Danish plastic surgeon, a member of the American Society for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, a co-founder of the International Association of Male Sexual Surgery, which today is considered one of the leading specialists in the field of genital plastic surgery.

Initially, SizeGenetics was used as a mandatory auxiliary method to prevent tissue scarring after phalloplasty and ligamentotomy. But subsequent studies have allowed proving that its use as the main method of penile lengthening can be no less successful.

In parallel, surveys were conducted on the effectiveness of the extender for correcting and eliminating the curvature of the penis of various etiologies, including due to Peyronie’s disease.

The result of Dr. J. Siana, MD has become an advanced modification of SizeGenetics medical orthopedic device for correcting the length and curvature of the male penis, which is prescribed to men as a postoperative rehabilitation method and as an independent therapeutic method.

To date, SizeGenetics as a medical device has been certified not only in the United States but also according to European safety standards, which is documentary evidence of the effectiveness and safety of its use. The device has found its application as a treatment and rehabilitation program in andrology clinics around the world that directly work with the manufacturer SizeGenetics.

3) This extender replaces surgery and pumping

An extender that surpasses all existing methods

The uniqueness of the SizeGenetics design makes it an excellent alternative to the surgical method and the use of pumps. Persistent directed force provides, which acts on erectile tissue, allows you to provide an irreversible result.

Improved structural elements allow you to gradually change the tension. Thanks to this, the adaptation period passes much faster and the use of the extender does not cause discomfort and pain. Its advantages over surgical intervention:

  • lack of side effects;
  • lack of need for a long stay in a hospital;
  • lack of need to take drugs against the rejection of transplanted tissues.

Unlike a vacuum pump, SizeGenetics provides a stable and irreversible result. Pumping acts for a short time, causing an artificial flow of blood. In addition, non-compliance with the time of exposure to vacuum is associated with a significant risk of blood clots in erectile tissues and blood vessels.

SizeGenetics gently affects erectile tissue, contributing to the normalization and activation of blood circulation, and also has a stimulating effect on the prostate. Thanks to this, the device not only provides penis growth in length and width but also helps to eliminate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction without risk to the body as a whole.

4) Proven effectiveness. How does the device work?

Principle of action: “carry and wait”

The principle of action of SizeGenetics is based on the natural reaction of the body. Therefore, it is very important for the effectiveness of the result not to neglect the simple rules of a healthy lifestyle.

When exposed to traction on tissue cells, the body is able to respond by activating the regenerating function. It lies in the fact that cells experiencing stress from the load exerted on them (in the case of an extender, the load can reach up to 2.8 kg) begin to actively divide to create an additional layer to compensate for the tension. Thus, a stable result of penis growth in length is achieved. By changing the direction of tension, it is also possible to ensure the active growth of the penis in diameter.

Exactly the same principle is used in medicine in traction therapy:

  • in dentistry – when installing bracket systems;
  • in orthopedic surgery – when building bone tissue (Ilizarov apparatus);
  • in vertebrology, for the treatment of intervertebral discs.

When using the extender, it is important to develop the skill of its fastening, and also not to neglect your own feelings. If you follow all the recommendations and act consistently, then wearing the device will not affect the quality of life, but subsequently will please you with excellent results.

5) What it consists of – a description of the constituent parts

Design Features of SizeGenetics for Best Results

The SizeGenetics design is a device consisting of:

  • thrust ring – the base of medical plastic, to which the rods are attached;
  • a set of metal rods of different lengths (1 and 2 inches), with the help of which traction is created;
  • penis bed;
  • silicone loop – a standard method of fastening the extender, located directly under the head of the penis. It creates a directed force up to the glans penis and provides a strong fixation of masculinity;
  • strap – designed to provide an alternative method of attachment, provides better grip and direction of effort;
  • protective pads – provides comfort and minimizes the contact of the device with the delicate skin of the penis;
  • Non-Slip Protech Matt Strap – prevents the device from slipping;
  • fabric coated latex tape – designed for those who want to protect the skin of the penis, but do not want to use extra pads when using SizeGenetics.

Since SizeGenetics is available in several trim levels, the user has a choice. You can directly purchase an extender with a training disc. A complete set is also available, which in addition to the extender includes: a set of rods of different lengths; special lotion and powder to prevent injuries, a set of keys for adjustment.

6) Research,  The scientific rationale for effectiveness: research materials

Since the inventor of SizeGenetics, Dr. J. Siana, MD, sought to justify the appropriateness of using the extender, he commissioned several studies that confirmed the effectiveness of the device and the therapeutic effect of its use.

The results of the study were published in March 2009. Extender testing was conducted at the University of Turin clinic in the Department of Urology. The time range is 12 months. The number of control measurements – 5 (initial.

in the first, third, sixth, and twelfth months). For the focus group, 21 patients were selected, 16 of whom successfully completed testing. As a therapeutic method, an extender was used. The wearing time of the device is determined from 4 to 6 hours per day for 6 months.

The result of the survey:

  • with an average penile length of 7.15 cm in the non-erect state, an increase of 32% occurred during use; it amounted to 9.45 cm in 12 months;
  • with an average length of erect penis of 9.62 cm at the beginning of the study, the increase over the testing period was 18% to 11.32 cm in 12 months;
  • average erectile function improved by 36% in 12 months.

The most important is that after 6 months after the end of the use of the extender, the size of the penis did not return to the original. This indicates a significant advantage of using an extender over surgical intervention and is its non-traumatic alternative.

7) All the benefits: straightening of the penis, enlargement of the penis, increased erection

SizeGenetics: Extender without flaws

SizeGenetics may seem frightening or uncomfortable to men at first sight. But the results in solving male problems with this device are worth starting to use SizeGenetics.

The advantages of using SizeGenetics include:

  • activation of blood circulation and regeneration in the tissues of the penis;
  • the creation of a delicate effort of considerable strength (up to 2.8 kg);
  • effective and irreversible penis extension;
  • increase in width due to the stretching of erectile tissues;
  • persistent result of correction of the curvature of the penis, including that caused by Peyronie’s disease, injuries, congenital pathology;
  • Improving erectile function by stimulating blood circulation and the prostate.

The main advantages in comparison with similar modifications are the following categories.


SizeGenetics has been clinically tested and approved for use as an orthopedic medical device. The extender also received certificates of compliance and safety in accordance with international and European regulations.

Proven Efficiency

Clinical testing results have provided SizeGenetics for use as a therapeutic method and rehabilitation device after phalloplasty and ligamentotomy.

Traction Therapy Method

Based on physiology, the principle of traction therapy provides a lasting result. This is due to the fact that at the time of strong tension, the body seeks to compensate for stress and stimulates cell division to build up the compensatory layer at the place of tension.

Universal functionality

SizeGenetics is effective not only for increasing length but also for treating penis curvature, which is a consequence of Peyronie’s disease and congenital pathology. Clinical testing also confirmed data on the stimulating effect of the extender on blood circulation and the prostate. The consequence of this is the effectiveness of the device against erectile dysfunction.


SizeGenetics manufacturer guarantees a 100% refund if you, by fixing the time of use and the results before and after use, do not see positive changes. To do this, wear the extender daily for 5 hours for 9 months.

8) Real results after 3 months

Features of SizeGenetics: how realistic are the results

Thanks to the accurate calculation and balance of traction, SizeGenetics is not only comfortable to wear, but the first change can be observed already at the end of 3 months of use. This efficiency is achieved due to the fact that the extender can create a pulling force of considerable force – up to 2.8 kg.

Of course, the first results will not be so impressive, since first, you need to go through the adaptation stage to gradually increase the load and time of using the extender. Nevertheless, bringing the use time to 5-6 hours per day after 3 months, you can see an increase in length by 10%, and after 4-6 months – by 28% in length and 19% in girth.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to name the exact number in centimeters, since a lot depends on the state of the body. A healthy lifestyle, a good sleep and a balanced diet can significantly accelerate the appearance of the first positive changes.

9) How to put on and wear (step by step)

Step-by-step instructions: every step counts

Since SizeGenetics is primarily an orthopedic device for medical use, it is very important to observe the correct technique for its use so as not to harm yourself. The use of the extender is carried out in several stages.

Stage 1. Assembly

After acquiring the extender, it must be assembled. To do this, attach the rods to the thrust ring. It is important to determine the minimum starting length. In this case, you can use the formula – the length of the erect penis, reduced by 4 cm. Use the rods, replacing with long ones, or adding additional ones to the structure. Install a strap or loop over the rods.

Stage 2. Mounting

Insert the penis at rest into the thrust ring until it rests against the pubic bone. The strap or loop must be mounted directly under the head. If there is foreskin, it must be pulled back. Do not allow the extender to be attached to the foreskin.

Put a protective pad on the coronal groove – the area between the head and foreskin. Put on a strap or loop over the lining. Try not to pinch. Focus on your feelings. Fasten the loop or strap with the clips.

Stage 3. Tension

In order to set the tension, use the screws at the base. It is necessary to twist them, focusing on the notches, each of which corresponds to its own effort. Do not immediately set the tension to the maximum. Start with a minimum load and in the adaptation period (first 2-4 weeks) bring the force to the required value.

Stage 4. Duration of use

The recommended wearing time for the extender is 5-6 hours daily. It is allowed to increase the daily duration to 8 hours. But this does not mean that you need to start such long training the first time. For the adaptation period, wearing the extender for 2-3 hours is allowed in the first week.

Stage 5. Extraction

To safely remove the extender, release the latches. After that, the penis can be removed by removing it from the loop or strap and thrust ring.

Important: do not rush under any circumstances, as you can unknowingly inflict injury on yourself. At each stage, focus on your own feelings. When using the extender in the trunk of the penis, you should feel a slight tingling sensation. If the pain is unbearable, then it is necessary to weaken the effort. If you do not feel anything, then you need to set a stronger tension. The sequence of actions will provide you with a reliable result.

10) Frequently Asked Questions (side effects, safety, bargain, recommendations of doctors and the FDA)

Key Points: Everything You Need to Know About SizeGenetics Results

What side effects may occur

If during assembly and use of the extender you strictly followed the instructions and did not neglect your own feelings, did not exceed the time of use, and the tension force, then there should be no side effects.

How safe is this extender model?

SizeGenetics has been clinically tested and certified by the FDA, CE, EEC, which confirms its safety and compliance with international and European safety standards.

Why SizeGenetics is a bargain?

The purchase of an extender on the official website is not only the purchase of original products. You have the opportunity to purchase a complete set with all consumables and special care products that are enough for the entire course of therapy.

Also – it is a 100% money-back guarantee if after 9 months you do not see the results (subject to disciplined documentation of the use of the extender). In addition, bonuses and discounts are available to users.

Is a doctor’s prescription required for purchase?

Despite the fact that SizeGenetics is a medical device, you can purchase it yourself on the official website of the extender.

11) Description of packages and their contents

SizeGenetics Collection Overview: Taking Care of Your Customers

One of the features of SizeGenetics, which contributes to the popularity of this brand, is a variety of configurations to solve men’s problems. The user should not doubt whether he bought the model or whether his choice is suitable for effective therapy. Each SizeGenetics package is designed to effectively eliminate male issues.

Curvature & Peyronie’s – SizeGenetics product suite for eliminating penile curvature and Peyronie’s disease therapy, which includes:

  • extender;
  • leather case;
  • clamp;
  • silicone ring;
  • strap;
  • protective pad;
  • set of extension rods: 2.5 cm (2 pcs.), 5 cm (4 pcs.), 1.25 cm (2 pcs.);
  • keys set;
  • non-slip lining;
  • user’s manual;
  • bonus – a bandage, a clamp, and additional silicone rings.

The Ultimate System is an advanced penis extension kit, complete with accessories and a travel case. Great for a full course of therapy. Included are:

  • extender;
  • leather case;
  • travel case;
  • clamp;
  • silicone ring;
  • strap;
  • protective pad;
  • set of extension rods: 2.5 cm (2 pcs.), 5 cm (4 pcs.), 1.25 cm (2 pcs.);
  • keys set;
  • non-slip lining;
  • Revita – moisturizing lotion after a workout;
  • Traction Plus powder;
  • user’s manual.

Comfort Package – a basic set without additional bonuses. Suitable as a starter kit, which includes:

  • extender;
  • leather case;
  • clamp;
  • silicone ring;
  • strap;
  • protective pad;
  • set of extension rods: 2.5 cm (2 pcs.), 5 cm (4 pcs.), 1.25 cm (2 pcs.);
  • keys set;
  • non-slip lining;
  • user’s manual.

Value Edition – an economy-class starter kit without additional accessories, which includes:

  • extender;
  • case;
  • clamp;
  • strap;
  • protective pad;
  • set of extension rods: 2.5 cm (2 pcs.), 5 cm (2 pcs.);
  • user’s manual.

All extenders are provided with an operational guarantee and a refund obligation if you have not received any results (valid subject to the provision of results monitoring log).

12) Comparison with Penimaster Chrome and Quick Extender Pro

Comparison of popular penis extenders

Despite the fact that SizeGenetics is a medical device, similar modifications are actively promoted on the extender market. Of the popular models should be highlighted:

  • Penimaster Chrome is a German-made extender that uses a fairly wide strap with locks as a fastener. Excellent build quality and safe materials provide a certain amount of demand for the modification. But the extender is inferior to SizeGenetics in terms of traction, which is only 1.15 kg, which obliges you to use it much longer to get the expected result;
  • Quick Extender Pro is an extender whose principle of operation is based on the DSS (Double Strap Support) system, which creates tension along the tip and along the entire axis of the penis. But the mount under the head is made of two loops, originally intended for additional reliability, in practice, they can capture the foreskin and injure delicate skin. Also, the maximum force created by the extender is almost two times lower than Quick Extender Pro and is 1.2 kg, which significantly affects the results.

It is up to the user to decide which model to choose. But SizeGenetics are not empty promises, but facts confirmed by clinical trials and a guarantee of a refund if you do not get what you decided to buy for!


James Carlton

James Carlton(journalist and a medical blogger)