Total Curve Review, Breast Growth Results and Medical Facts

For many years, women have been discussing among themselves the natural breast enlargement without surgery. There is an opinion that it is impossible, that it does not work, that there are no alternatives to surgery.

Indeed, today in your town, you can find a variety of clinics, which for a modest 5-10 000 $ will hold you to the so-called safe operation. The usual thing, no problems, we are all super professionals, the chest will be large forever, there will be no problems with implants.

But, of course, all this is not true! Any surgery operation is a serious consequence, now or later you will encounter such complications, which will be more expensive to treat than the cost of the operation.

Today, medicine does not stand still, what yesterday seemed impossible, today is already a reality.

Not all women know or are interested in alternative medicine. Yes, indeed you cannot make your breasts bigger with exercises, it is physiologically impossible.

But if you use a complex of special dietary supplements and creams, such as Total Curve, you will have the opportunity to temporarily or even constantly increase your breasts, making it more elastic. This is especially true for women after childbirth.

In fact, natural dietary supplements and creams – this may be the solution for you, which will increase breasts. Purely from a medical point of view – this is a proven fact. Total Curve is the only drug and cream that helps to increase breast size by 1-2 sizes without surgery within a few months.

How does the Total Curve Breast Enlargement System Work?

Of course, you all care about how it works. And we will answer it in this review.

So, the Total Curve formula contains trace elements that have a positive effect on breast growth and its shape. Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients:

  • Lucky thistle helps restore collagen and elastin in the skin, it is it that contributes to the formation of breast elasticity
  • Fennel seeds contain estrogen. It is they who can actually increase the breast by changing the harmonious balance. Moreover, in Total Curve estrogen will work much better than special harmonious preparations.
  • It is also worth mentioning that buckwheat leaves help improve blood circulation for the growth of mammary glands, increasing the effectiveness of estrogen. All this works in a complex and improves the result.
  • But it is worth saying that in addition to estrogen, progesterone is important for breast growth.
  • It is worth mentioning the root of wild yam, which is part of the Total Curve formula. It is known for its healing properties that increase estrogen levels in the body. This is truly a key ingredient in this formula, which helps to naturally enlarge the breast and make it firmer.
  • Leaves and shoots of cross salad can be very effective in the process of natural breast growth, the properties of this ingredient are such that they affect the general condition of the breast and its appearance
  • Damiana leaf, which is located in the Total Curve complex, also affects breast growth.
  • As for traditional Chinese medicine, Dong Quay herb, which promotes the production of progesterone, should be noted. It also promotes breast growth.

Estrogen and Pregesterone

So, your breast is able to increase in size, its current state is caused by an insufficient amount of estrogen and progesterone in your body. Using the Total Curve complex, which consists of a cream and tablets for several months, you will notice how your chest is filled with strength, health, and beauty.

Purely from a medical point of view, the Total Curve complex works because it contains the most important ingredient Volufiline, which increases the amount of adipose tissue in the mammary gland.

The site published the results of a study that proves that this ingredient in the formula helps to increase the number of fat molecules in the mammary glands. This contributes to visual breast enlargement. Also, the breast becomes firmer, and all thanks to Volufiline. View a detailed study report here.

Breast Enlargement and Breast Lifting Results

The main goal of a woman is not only to make her breast bigger but also to tighten her, increase her elasticity. Often women lose weight, while their breasts sag and it seems that it is impossible to change in any way.

But if you use the Total Curve breast enhancement system regularly, it will be obvious that with the help of natural ingredients of the formula you can transform your breasts, because due to the growth of new fat cells by almost 5 times, the breast becomes larger in volume.

This can be seen with the naked eye after a couple of months. And if you use the cream and pills for more than 6 months, you can measure a whole new breast size.

It is worth noting that the formula of this product is rich in trace elements that your body lacks so much. All this helps to improve the condition of your chest.

Such a problem as nipple sensitivity is a concern for many women. Sometimes they notice that with age, sensitivity is lost. So, with regular use of Total Curve cream, the sensitivity of the nipples improves significantly. This affects the quality of sexual life. We have created this Total Curve review for women, that are looking for natural breast enlargement ways. Even if the results are topical, they are worth trying.

The peculiarity of the Total Curve formula is that it really works, there is scientific evidence for this. The product has been sold on the market for more than 10 years, it is created by a well-known pharmaceutical company and sells it very successfully.

The natural formula for breast augmentation is invented and called the Total Curve. She simply has no analogs, since this is really a medical breakthrough.

Total Curve Before and After Results Published

You cannot see the result immediately using the Total Curve system. But within 2 months, positive changes with the size of the breast and its elasticity definitely occur. The company guarantees a result for 67 days.

The effect is different in all women. Someone can use Total Curve to increase their breasts by 1-2 sizes in 3 months, others need 6 months and their results are more modest. All these are the physiological characteristics of every woman. But it is worth noting that absolutely all women have results.

Total Curve Side effects review

They are simply absent since all the ingredients in the Total Curve formula are 100% natural and do not cause any negative reactions, such as redness or nausea.

How to apply the cream?

The composition of the Total Curve system includes tablets and cream. These two components must be involved in parallel in the growth process of your breasts.

Tablets help the body get all the necessary trace elements, and external exposure and rubbing with massage movements of the cream can enhance the effect. The cream is rapidly absorbed and acts precisely on your mammary glands.

Today on the market there are many different pills and creams that are supposedly able to increase breasts. But in fact, all of them simply do not work, since there is no medical evidence of the effectiveness of these formulas. You run the risk of wasting your money if you buy dubious breast augmentation products.

Always pay attention to:

  • Is there any medical evidence of the effectiveness of the formula
  • Is there a formal refund guarantee if the product does not work
  • Are there any real recommendations from doctors
  • Who is the manufacturer of the formula, are there any contacts for contacting an official representative?
  • Read reviews about the product you want to buy

You can also find various creams that temporarily increase the breast, keep in mind they can cause harm, leave redness on the chest. It is not recommended to use dubious creams that are sold on the Internet.

Be careful, today Total Curve is the only complex product that can increase breasts and make it more elastic. Check out customer reviews before you buy them.

A Natural and Safe Alternative to Mammoplasty – Total Curve Review

A chic bust with a deep hollow neckline without the help of foam rubber and a surgeon is now absolutely real for every girl or woman. To do this, you do not need to jeopardize your health or look for a bra of some special design.

Innovative technologies that combine the centuries-old experience of herbal medicine and modern purification of plant extracts will help you quickly and without pain to enlarge your breasts and increase your sexual attractiveness.

1) Breast augmentation in a natural way – a breakthrough from Total Curve

Total Curve – Your Perfect Bust

The chest is the most hormone-dependent part of the female body. Fluctuations in its volume occur even during the menstrual cycle. It is either “poured”, or vice versa – it becomes noticeably smaller. This is due to the level of estradiol in the blood – a female sex hormone. Similar changes occur during pregnancy and oral contraceptives when estradiol reaches its maximum.

Therefore, while surgeons are searching for new types of implants, pharmacists have adopted this feature of the female body and developed the Total Curve system – a means to increase the bust, which could solve two problems – to increase the bust and not harm the body.

The plant extracts that make up Total Curve are used by homeopaths around the world to restore women’s health. They are time-tested, absorbed by the body, and do not cause side effects. These are plant analogs of female sex hormones, which not only briefly increase the bust, but also activate the body, it’s regenerating and producing functions.

2) How the system works ( cream and tablets)

Total Curve – Safe Hormone Therapy

It is no secret that the artificial increase in the level of female sex hormones in the blood invariably leads to weight gain, which is usually observed while taking oral contraceptives.

The use of phytohormones, plant analogs that are absorbed by the body, as well as a special component of Volufiline, which can have a stimulating effect on breast cells, as part of the Total Curve ingredients, provide natural changes – increase in volume and lifting effect.

Total Curve – allows you to strike at negative changes simultaneously in two directions: the tablets act from the inside, and a gentle gel of high adhesion directs nutrients and stimulants directly to the cells of the mammary gland.

With Total Curve, you don’t have to worry about choosing between your health and your dream bust. When selecting components, the developers of the system used components that are used in the centuries-old practice of oriental medicine and Ayurveda, the traditional system of Indian traditional medicine. Purified plant extracts gently affect cells, stimulating their active division, increase tissue elasticity, but do not affect other organs and systems.

3) Basic ingredients and their effect

Total Curve – the power of nature in each component

The components of the drug should solve two problems – to stimulate tissue growth to increase volume and increase the production of collagen and elastin – for a lifting effect.

The components of the system include the following ingredients:

  • buckwheat flower extract – has been used in Chinese medicine since the 10th century as a natural antioxidant that stimulates tissue regeneration, contributes to the activation of collagen production;
  • fennel seed extract – a source of phytoestrogens, normalizes the level of sex hormones in the blood, is part of drugs that stimulate lactation;
  • dong quay root extract – the second name is “female ginseng” – a powerful anti-aging component that stimulates blood circulation and relieves negative conditions such as premenstrual syndrome ( PMS ) and menopause;
  • Turner’s extract – a binder for progesterone, also acts as an aphrodisiac and a lactation catalyst, it is necessary to maintain the natural level of female sex hormones in the blood;
  • thistle extract – used in folk medicine to treat disorders of the female reproductive system and reproductive function, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin;
  • hop extract – one of the ingredients of beer, which in folk medicine is a source of Phyto- estradiol – a plant analog of the female sex hormone responsible for lactation, stimulates the lobes of the mammary gland, promotes the growth of its tissues;
  • cross-salad shoot extract – the strength of plant shoots, in which energy is concentrated for plant growth, is used for stimulating and fortifying effect;
  • wild yam root extract – a source of diosgenin used in hormone replacement therapy for menopause and to alleviate acute PMS, as well as restore libido;
  • black cohosh extract – restores the level of female sex hormones. In folk medicine, it is used to treat the symptoms of PMS and menopause.

A binding ingredient that activates component delivery and also stimulates metabolism is Volufiline. It provides the formation and accumulation of lipids in adipocytes – the main cells of the mammary gland. Able to act locally, therefore, it is part of cosmetics for skin rejuvenation, as well as dietary supplements for breast augmentation and restoration of female reproductive function.

4) Breast shape and sagging

How does Total Curve Work?

The composition of the female breast is fat and connective tissue. There are no muscles that could be increased through exercise. She is contraindicated in running and intense anaerobic exercise because collagen bonds break due to active movements, thereby contributing to the premature development of ptosis – prolapse of the mammary gland.

The main task in preserving the flowering female bust is to maintain the natural level of sex hormones and stimulate the production of collagen. Sex hormones, the sources of which is Total Curve are wild yams, hops, fennel, stimulate the growth of the glandular tissue of the mammary gland, providing a steady increase in volume.

Watercress, dong Kuei, buckwheat will ensure the body produces collagen to prevent sagging.

Only 2 capsules per day, a soft morning and evening massage using a gel will provide a natural increase in volume and a rejuvenating effect for the female bust.

5) How does it work from a medical point of view

Total Curve: Research Results

During the testing of the effectiveness of Volufiline, it was found that its effect on adipocytes (fat cells) provides an increase in their volume by 640%.

For testing, a focus group was selected, which included women aged 18 to 35 years. Each participant had to apply Volufiline gel daily 2 times a day on one breast. Control measurements were carried out three times:

  • before testing;
  • on day 28 – an increase of 6.9% was recorded in 25% of participants;
  • on day 56 – an increase of 8.4% was recorded in 25% of participants.

A study was also conducted on the effects of Volufiline directly on fat cells. They were directly exposed to a concentration of 0.5% and 1.0% for 16 days. According to the results of the study, an increase in the number of lipids was recorded by 492% and 640%, respectively, depending on the concentration.

Thus, the part of Total Curve Volufiline provides a lasting result of an increase in the volume of the female breast.

6) Why are pills and cream better than individually

One-stop solution

The use of tablets provides a fairly quick result. The components of the drug stimulate the growth of glandular and adipose tissue. The increased volume will put pressure on elastin bonds that support the shape of the breast.

Therefore, it is very important to combine the application of the gel and the administration of tablets to maintain the shape of the bust, prevent its ptosis under the influence of the increased volume. Massaging movements promote better adhesion of Total Curve gel components, improve blood microcirculation, and delivery of components to breast cells.

Thus, skin lifting and breast augmentation are simultaneously provided. At the same time, small wrinkles are smoothed out, age-related changes are eliminated, the bust becomes rounded and toned.

7) Guaranteed result

Total Curve – a reliable result with a guarantee

Unfortunately, the market is full of various bio-additives and promises. No pharmacy, specialty store, or pharmaceutical company ever accepts the return of drugs and cosmetics. Therefore, Total Curve system manufacturers provide unprecedented quality assurance for their products.

If after the end of the 60-day course you do not achieve a result, no changes with the state and appearance of your bust happen, you are given the opportunity to get your money back. Just fill out the application and send back the packaging or unpacked product within 67 days of purchase.

8) Frequently Asked Questions

Five reasons to purchase Total Curve: current issues

Since the market has a significant number of drugs that promise the effect of increasing the bust, but in practice turn out to be ordinary cosmetics, users are distrustful of such systems. Topical questions about the effectiveness and reliability of the drug include:

How does System work?

Total Curve is a two-component system that includes tablets and gel. Daily intake of pills stimulates an increase in the volume of the mammary gland. Application of the gel – tones up, improves blood circulation and bituminization of the skin and tissues, and also activates the production of collagen and elastin – substances responsible for elasticity, providing a lifting effect.

How much does it cost?

Compared to mammoplasty, an operation for breast augmentation, the Total Curve course is hundreds of times cheaper. For comparison, the cost of the operation ranges from $ 2,500 to $ 10,000, excluding costs for the postoperative period and the acquisition of a bandage.

Will, there be side effects?

As part of the Total Curve, there are no synthetic hormones that are characteristic of medications and pharmacy drugs. Phytohormones do not have such an effect and do not cause side effects, as they are able to be absorbed by the body and act locally.

As for allergies, plant extracts are used for the production of the gel and tablet system, which is subjected to special high-tech cleaning, which completely eliminates the presence of allergens.

What will be the results?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to give an exact figure. Much depends on the user’s awareness, the regularity of use, age, and lifestyle. The test results proved an increase of 8.4%. In combination with the rejection of bad habits, changes in the diet and mode of work and rest, this figure can be much larger.

How quickly the results become noticeable?

The first results will be noticeable by the end of 4 weeks (28 days from the start of the system). Optimal results – breast enlargement by 2-3 sizes are recorded on 60-90 days.

9) Methods that may be involved

Common Bust Enlargement Methods

Today, women are offered many methods in order to improve reflection in the mirror or change one size of a cup of a bra to another. These include:

  • mammoplasty is a surgical operation that involves the introduction of an implant through an incision, a kind of prosthesis that mimics breast tissue, to increase the volume of the breast. Possible risks are implant rejection, chronic pain, the formation of fibrosis, seals, texture heterogeneity, implant rupture, allergic reactions, sepsis, and death. Disadvantages – excessively high cost, long postoperative period, the need for repeated operations to correct or remove the implant, high risk to life;
  • lipofilling – transplantation of adipose tissue, involves the introduction of adipose tissue into the mammary gland. Possible risks are the same as those of a surgical operation, as well as the development of abscesses, which may lead to the need for removal of the mammary gland. Disadvantages – temporary effect, asymmetry, high cost;
  • pumping – the use of vacuum pumps to increase volume. Possible risks are a violation of the structure of the mammary gland, the appearance of bruising and micro-ruptures. Disadvantages – temporary effect, significant health risk, development of thrombosis, abscesses, tenderness of the procedure;
  • brassiere constructions such as ” push -an” – include silicone or polyurethane foam inserts that form the bust. Possible risks – constant compression of the chest and the greenhouse effect leads to stagnation of blood, impaired blood circulation, which ultimately leads to even greater negative consequences – premature sagging and loss of volume due to the destruction of adipose tissue. Disadvantages – bones made of plastic or metal that make up the structure can rub the skin and cause injuries, not intended for a prolonged wear;
  • a natural increase is the Total Curve system, which includes taking the drug and applying a gel containing phytohormones – analogs of female sex hormones. Using this method is absolutely painless and not associated with a risk to life and health.

Which of the following methods to choose is exclusively your priority. But is it worth the risk of health in the pursuit of attractiveness?

10) Why Total Curve is the best choice for women who want to improve their appearance and volume

Guaranteed breast enlargement results without any risk to health

If you still have doubts, remember Total Curve – designed specifically to increase the bust and maintain women’s health. Sources of hormonal components that make up the drug.

Are plants that are used in the centuries-old practice of traditional medicine of India and the East. Purified by innovative extraction methods, they do not cause side effects. Therefore, the use of the Total Curve system for breast augmentation is not associated with a risk to health and life.

Just take one tablet of the drug twice a day, apply the gel with gentle massaging movements, and on the 28th day of the course, you will be able to verify the effectiveness of the system.

In any case, if for some reason the system does not suit you or you do not achieve the expected result, you can return the money within 67 days. Spent on its acquisition.

This is a two-component system for youth, beauty, and health of your breasts!


James Carlton

James Carlton(journalist and a medical blogger)